Jamie Stern, M.A. -- Neurofeedback Clinician, Brain Health Coach, Published Researcher


Jamie describes herself as a cartographer of the mind, charting the different territories of the brain while seeking the calmness and healing that is found through Neurofeedback Therapy, BrainSpotting, and Meditation. 

Jamie’s goal is for her clients to feel optimized – to feel like the best version of themselves! Her scholarly journey began at University of Southern California (USC) where she studied cartography, geography, and environmental science. Later, while working on her second Masters, she focused on human geography, culture, and the psychology of displaced peoples. Her work has since been published in the International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society and led her to a position as Director of Research for a non-profit organization that focuses on the Indo people; a European and Asian hybrid group, who were expelled by force from Indonesia just after World War II. 

  In August of 2016, Jamie was an invited scholar and speaker at a week-long conference at Leiden University, Netherlands, to present her research findings on the neuropsychological health of the Indo people post-Diaspora. The data that she gathered over a period of five years provided the rubric for a new project that involved the use of Neurofeedback therapy. Her findings substantiated that the Indo people continue to experience symptoms of PTSD connected to World War II experiences and civil upheaval that resulted in ethnic cleansing. The traumas continue to linger in the subsequent generation. These findings have demonstrated the connection between individual emotional and physical traumas, and lasting negative impacts that have systemically altered the Indo population at large. This research has become her raison d'être combining her love of cultural geography, neuroscience and psychology.       

 Jamie’s unique perspective on populations affected by trauma, led her to the field of Neurofeedback Therapy in an effort to help people in their healing. Jamie studied Neurofeedback Therapy at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California. Jamie was also trained and certified by the Amen Clinic with an emphasis in practical neurosceince and neurobiology. She is an Amen Certified Brain Health Coach. 

 The connection between trauma and decline in optimum living is clear and something that Jamie is dedicating herself to helping. She has witnessed firsthand how trauma, when not addressed, can be such a negative force in a person’s daily life. Jamie’s entire focus is to find relief for her clients by identifying their optimum frequency and then training their brain at that level through a subconscious process that involves tactile, visual, and auditory feedback. This process eventually retrains the brain which allows the client to more automatically self-regulate, and ultimately promotes a renewed feeling of calmness, better cognitive function, and happiness. 

Jamie also experienced how Neurofeedback Therapy can target a wide variety of “brain instabilities” such as her own chronic migraines and motion sickness. For Jamie, Neurofeedback Therapy was life-changing, and something she deeply looks forward to sharing.