Brain Health Coaching


Small modifications to diet and daily habits can have a large impact on brain health and overall well-being. Clients are especially encouraged to schedule a Brain Health Coaching session if they struggle with brain fog, fatigue, stress, or depression. Brain Health Coaching focuses on the client's diet, sleep, and daily habits to determine how to maximize their brain's efficiency and health. Relaxation techniques are reviewed and discussed as needed. Physical stretching and exercise is encouraged and worked on as needed. 

Cranial Tension Release (CTR)


Daily stresses on the cognitive mind and subconscious mind can result in fatigue and tension within the body. Focusing on the neck up, this tension typically will sit on the forehead, scalp, cheeks, ocular area, ears, and neck. For a release after or before Neurofeedback therapy or Brain Health Coaching, the client can request CTR which involves a combination of gentle massage techniques and soft triggers to the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) or better known as "the tingles" from gentle touch.

Amen Clinic Certified


Jamie is trained in the Amen Clinics Methodology which focuses on neurobiology and practical neuroscience. She is able to read and interpret SPECT images. As an Amen Certified Brain Health Coach, Jamie is well versed in the latest brain-health care options. For interested clients she also provides: 

  • A 10% discount off Brain SPECT imaging at Amen Clinics nationwide. 
  • A 15% discount off BrainMD health products